Who We Are

MATRIX LEADERSHIP CONSULTING is a training and consulting group whose central office is in Boulder, Colorado. We are an outgrowth of Matrix Leadership Institute, founded in 1991.

For over 25 years, Matrix Leadership has been working with businesses, organizations, schools and communities to facilitate paradigm-shifting cultural transformation. We train groups, teams and organizations in communication and leadership practices that enable groups in any context to function as interconnected, complex, adaptive systems or Matrix Leadership Networks™.

We place a primary focus on building a Relational Infrastructure™ that yields high trust, engagement and an orientation to the wellbeing of the 'Whole' team or organization that lays the foundation for high-performing teams and sustainability.

Over the years our clients have included executive teams, HR and technology divisions of large international corporations; small to medium businesses including family businesses, renewable energy companies, marketing firms, and consulting firms; non-profit organizations and boards; intentional communities; city government departments; healthcare networks and professional organizations; medical and nursing schools; urban high schools; and faith-based organizations.

In the U.S., we are collaborating with Agile coaches to train teams in the Matrix human (relational) systems practices that build truly self-organizing, rapidly innovating teams.

In Russia, Matrix Leadership founder Amina Knowlan partners with Coach Institute in St. Petersburg to train business leaders from all sectors in the maps and practices that create teal organizations (Fredrick LaLoux, Reinventing Organizations) and living companies. New in 2018: "Integrating Feminine and Masculine Leadership Strategies". We also train professional consultants, trainers, facilitators, coaches, executives, managers and teachers in off-site public workshops in cities across the U.S. and internationally.

Matrix Leadership emerged out of roots in classic group dynamics, group leadership and organizational development. Amina Knowlan, M.S. also has a background as a trainer in somatic psychotherapy, mindfulness, holistic health and systems theory. She has been facilitating and coaching individual, interpersonal and group systems transformation for nearly 40 years.


To steward the human side of sustainability™ through establishing Matrix Leadership Networks™ and Matrix Group Dialogues™ that transform groups, relationships, organizations, communities and models of leadership into ones that foster partnership, collaboration, and evolutionary collective intelligence.

  • We accomplish this by training Leaders and global citizens to be social architects who collectively reinvent our organizations, communities, schools and governments.
  • We are committed to creating sustainable human organizations and communities that bridge class, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, age, ability, faith traditions and international boundaries.


We envision a world in which people live and work in communities and organizations that are sustainable, just and socially engaged – realizing interconnection and love for all life on earth.


We value and work to optimize transparent peer-to-peer communication, trust, resilience, feedback, distributed leadership, collective intelligence, social-emotional intelligence, work-life balance, equity and consciousness of functioning as an interconnected "Whole." We redefine leadership as that which emerges from the synergistic interactions of all team members. We transform conflict and passivity into highly engaged and crucial differentiation utilizing a multi-perspective Matrix Group Dialogue to harvest collective intelligence into effective, innovative decisions, strategies and actions.