Consulting Process

Our typical consulting and training process consists of three phases, and may include the following components.

  • step 1: ASSESSMENT
  • Needs Assessment and Process Consultation

    • Identify presenting issues and needs
Establish context, rationale and clear objectives
    • Gather relevant data and qualitative research

    • Assess individual, relational, team and system dynamics, both historically and present
    • Conduct on-site consultation including expert professional observation of group and leadership dynamics

  • step 2: FACILITATION
  • Delivery and Facilitation (1 - 3 days or equivalent)

    • Structured, experiential, skill-building group sessions
    • On site task work on current issues and decisions
    • Structural interventions generating new communication channels and distributed leadership within cross-functional and cross-level teams
    • Assessment of next action items and implementation step
    • Feedback from consultants re: challenges and opportunities

  • step 3: FOLLOW-UP
  • Follow up focused on implementation and development

    • Coaching - individual and team
    • Skill-building sessions - web-based and in-person
    • Ongoing meeting facilitation
    • Recommendations for further consultation and subsequent training sessions