How We Help

Our services, which are always custom designed to fit the specific needs of your group, may be designed to:

  • Implement Communication and Leadership Practices that build the capacity to function as Matrix Leadership Networks
  • Build High Performing, Sustainable Teams on a Relational Infrastructure™ with heightened trust, engagement and accountability
  • Generate a High Feedback Culture with peer-to-peer, real-time feedback as an investment in relationships and results
  • Transform Conflict into a multi-stakeholder Matrix Group Dialogue™
  • Cultivate Individual Leadership Development through team and relational accountability and support
  • Heighten Social-Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness in individuals and in teams
  • Apply Structural Interventions to function as a coordinated, interdependent 'Whole' organization or company.
  • Create a Culture of Allies - Increase awareness of the impact of systems of oppression & privilege; and learn skills for becoming effective allies
  • Utilize Expert Process Facilitation in times of change or crisis
  • Support Executives and Teams through Coaching and mentoring