Methods & Impacts

Matrix Leadership Consultants help your executives, managers, employees and partners become innovative, creative leaders who directly contribute to the success of your organization.

You will implement core communication, interaction and leadership practices in your teams and organization that will have measurable impacts.

Click a Matrix Core Practice below to see the impacts you can expect.

  • Capacity to function as a co-ordinated "Whole" → Increased efficiency & effectiveness
  • Access to crucial perspectives and responses—from the "parking lot" into true collaboration
  • Increased transparency & trust
  • Team founded on a Relational Infrastructure™
  • Sustained connection, performance and success through periods of challenge, chaos, change and growth
  • Increased responsiveness and adaptability
  • Decreased turnover, fragmentation and alienation
  • Significantly increased Inclusion and engagement
  • Individual and team buy-in and accountability
  • Exponentially increased access to collective intelligence
  • Capacity to see and influence based on the needs and goals of the "Whole" organization or team
  • Sustained healthy, effective working relationships
  • Increased directness, learning, innovation
  • Implementation of behaviors and directions that serve mission, strategy and goals
  • Intentional change of behaviors that are not effective or efficient
  • Conflict and fragmentation transformed into synergistic collaboration
  • Access to multiple intelligences and creativity
  • Support for creating an equitable culture of allies
  • Enhanced intercultural awareness and leadership
  • Reduced prejudice, stereotyping and unconscious bias
  • Multiple perspectives engaged → yield aligned, innovative, emergent decisions and directions
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in meetings, discussions and decision-making
  • Clear actions → accountable results
  • A culture that shifts from win/lose, either/or → win-win, both-and
  • Talent development, emotional intelligence and innovation
  • Role fluidity and adaptability
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Utilization of heightened collective Intelligence
  • Mutuality and increased social capital
  • Reduced dissatisfaction and reactivity
  • Personal and shared ownership of successes and challenges
  • "Learning" culture
  • Heightened engagement, mutuality & investment
  • Adaptive, long-term sustainability of "triple bottom line" (profits, people, planet)
  • Access to intelligence of all stakeholders