We are a small boutique consulting firm where collaboration and knowledge sharing is key to how we best serve our clients and remain innovative in our industry. The pace and complexity of our work is high, and the trust and resilience of our team is the greatest asset we have to thrive in the volatile working world.

We invited Matrix to come work with us in Sydney, AU after having been exposed to their work in California. The Matrix framework, simply put, is a way for teams to strengthen their relationships to work in more productive and sustainable ways.

The framework is impressive in its grounding in scientific research and its simplicity in re-visiting some basic components of how humans best communicate with one another. The Matrix framework brings humanity back into the workplace, teaching simple and incremental concepts that anyone can apply and benefit from to build trusting and strong relationships.

Amina is a true treasure, she brings authenticity, compassion, and pragmatism to the way she guides teams through a matrix process. Her work with our team has transformed the way we engage with one another, build relationships, experience differences, deliver feedback, and how we view leadership.

The only way to truly understand the impact of the Matrix work is to trust in the process and experience it for yourself. This work has not only benefited our organization, it has greatly impacted our ability to show up as better versions of ourselves in all areas of life. Our team is truly grateful for the time Amina and her team have spent with us, and we continue to use matrix practices in our lives every single day.

-Allison Tsao Senior Consultant