Members of my newly-formed team had the privilege of learning Matrix skills and principles as part of their orientation. The role of this team was to coach health care providers through a complex transformation in primary care. Amina's model of radical interconnection and communication skills provided the exact foundation my team needed to form a "ground of health," among themselves and with the providers and staff whom they coached. The Matrix model overlaid seamlessly with our efforts to implement new processes, always reinforcing the importance of achieving quality goals while simultaneously strengthening the relationship--even during the most challenging situations. Most importantly, our ground of health provided the essential scaffolding when the team itself needed to reform and adapt to project changes. The matrix model is a salve for the constant change in any industry.

-Krista Hirschmann, Ph.D., Past Director, MATRIX Center, Lehigh Valley Health Network; Assistant Professor Morsani College of Medicine, U. of S. Florida