Leadership Accelerator Series

Transform Feedback: Invest in Relationships and Performance

Friday, Jan. 25, 12-6pm

Boulder, CO.

$65.00 for registration by Friday, January 11

$75.00 for registration after Friday, January 11

Group Discount Available

ABOUT THE EVENT: Relationships can’t survive without feedback. Learning, innovation and reaching mission-critical goals all require feedback. Feedback highlights what’s working well and surfaces behaviors that impede partnerships and performance. Yet in our culture most people dread giving or receiving, or even asking for feedback.

In this half-day workshop you’ll learn the first three Matrix Leadership practices that build trust, psychological safety, and the capacity to talk to each other in the open—and why and how they create a strong, resilient foundation for giving feedback. You’ll learn the art and science of giving, receiving and asking for feedback in ways that strengthen both relationships and results. These paradigm-shifting practices have transformed teams in nonprofit, technology, consulting, medical, and educational organizations.