Leadership Accelerator Series

Transform Conflict - Mobilize Collective Intelligence

Friday, Feb. 15, 12-6pm

Boulder, CO.

$65.00 for registration by Friday, January 11

$75.00 for registration after Friday, January 11

Group Discount Available

ABOUT THE EVENT: Is it true that “all of us are smarter than any of us”?

Complex problem-solving and adaptive leadership require full access to differences as resources. Leveraging collective intelligence occurs when the following conditions exist: inclusion of diverse opinions, perspectives, and insights; shifting out of the mindset of debate, either-or and win-lose; and cultivating the capacity to synthesize divergent views and capture emergent ideation and actions.

In this half-day workshop ‘Transform Conflict—Mobilize Collective Intelligence’ you’ll learn the first three Matrix Leadership practices that build trust, psychological safety, and the capacity to talk to each other in the open. You will understand why and how they create a strong, resilient foundation to transform conflict and mobilize collective intelligence. You’ll learn the art and science of engaging with differences and multi-perspective-taking as an alternative to power struggles and conflicts that rob teams of their engagement and capacity.