Matrix Essentials for Professionals

Hybrid Virtual & In-Person Professional Training

We are excited to offer a hybrid virtual and in-person version of our Matrix Essentials training. We have found that this combination provides accelerated learning and transformative professional and personal development. This format will include all of the core Essential skills and practices that define our standard 4-day in-person format.

What’s new: the group will begin to form during the first two virtual sessions utilizing the core practices of person-to-person communication, ground-of-health and attention to the Whole. The second virtual session will focus on introducing the theoretical maps in an interactive manner. We anticipate that these virtual sessions will yield relationships based in trust, familiarity–and–an enhanced readiness to meet in-person. The "gold" will be a group that has the capacity to deepen and go further with "differentiation" and "transformation" during the 4, in-person days; and enhanced experiential and group-interaction-focused learning. The follow-up virtual session is to support integration and at-home applications

This training is appropriate for those new to Matrix Leadership, those who have been participating in our virtual trainings and for those who have previously participated in our in-person trainings or consulting contexts(Read more about who will benefit from this training)

Trainers: Amina Knowlan & Ling Thio

Dates and Times (all times are MDT):
Virtual Tuesday, May 23, 4p-7p;
Virtual Tuesday, May 30, 4p-7p;

In-Person Thursday, June 8 , 10a-6p;
In-Person Friday, June 9, 10a-6p;
In-Person Saturday, June 10, 10a-6p;
In-Person Sunday, June 11, 10a-5p;

Virtual Tuesday, June 20, 4p-7p;

Oakland, CA

$975 for registration by Friday, March 24
$1025 for registration after Friday, March 24
$1075 for registration after Monday, May 01