Professional Trainings

Matrix Essentials for Professionals

Thursday, April 16, 10a-6p;
Friday, April 17, 10a-6p;
Saturday, April 18, 10a-6p;
Sunday, April 19, 10a-5pm

Berkeley, CA

$650 for registration by Sunday, March 08
$750 for registration after Sunday, March 08

$850.00 for registration after Sunday, March 22

Group Discount Available

THIS 4-DAY INTENSIVE TRAINING introduces a framework of communication and leadership practices—the Matrix Essentials™. You’ll learn to build groups and teams with a resilient relational infrastructure™ at the heart of everything they do. You’ll understand how these teams and organizations develop the capacity to function as self-organizing Matrix Leadership Networks™—in which the ‘leadership’ emerges from the collective intelligence of all members. You’ll learn to transform feedback into real-time investment in relationships and results. You’ll practice engaging with differences as resources rather than a source of division. You’ll experience the Matrix Group Dialogue Process™ as an alternative to conflict and divisiveness, and as a model of emergent decision-making.