Matrix Advanced Practice - Berkeley, CA

Virtual & In-Person Training

This training is appropriate for participants who have completed a Matrix Essentials training and want to deepen their Matrix practice and understanding.

In this training we will:

  • Review practices that support group FORMATION
  • Focus on practices that facilitate DIFFERENTIATION and increase attention to group-level patterns and their influence
  • Increase understanding of individual TRANSFORMATION as a collective process and a stage of group development
    • Support individual differentiation from limiting beliefs, patterns, and old stories that no longer serve us

Trainers: Amina Knowlan & Ling Thio

Location: Berkeley, CA

Dates and Times: (Berkeley, CA time zone)
Virtual Tuesday, January 16, 3p-6p;
Virtual Tuesday, January 23, 3p-6p;
In-Person Thursday, February 1 , 10a-6p;
In-Person Friday, February 2, 10a-6p;
In-Person Saturday, February 3, 10a-6p;
In-Person Sunday, February 4, 10a-5p;
Virtual Tuesday, February 13, 3p-6p;

$950 for registration by Saturday, December 16
$1050 for registration after Saturday, December 16