Virtual Matrix
Essentials for Professionals

The Skills and Practices – 5 Virtual Sessions

Evolve your group, your team, your organization, your relationships and yourself -- in connection!

We are very excited to be offering a virtual skills and practice focused version of our Matrix Essentials for Professionals. We’ve had amazing success in “converting” our 4-day in-person training to a virtual format. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. You’ll be able to apply these skills immediately in your own contexts. This format will pave the way for an in-depth and transformative in-person experience, when it is safe to resume.

THIS 5-SESSION VIRTUAL TRAINING (15-hours total) introduces a framework of communication and leadership practices—the Matrix Essentials™. You’ll learn the core skills and practices that enable groups and teams to function with a resilient relational infrastructure™ that is highly inclusive, connected and aware. These core skills are essential to developing the capacity to function as self-organizing Matrix Leadership Networks™—in which leadership emerges from the collective intelligence of all members.

Sequential Learning Components:

Matrix communication and leadership practices generate the capacity to function as an interconnected, self-organizing system.

  • Create a Matrix--a relational infrastructure—founded in open, transparent, person-to-person communication in the ‘eyes and ears’ of the Whole (group)
  • Generate a collective ground of health (trust and resilience) in the Matrix of relationships‐a key to sustainability
  • Develop systems-responsive awareness of the Whole (group) as a foundation for collective intelligence and emergent leadership
  • Transform feedback culture with appreciative and differentiating feedback as an investment in relationships, mission and outcomes
  • Transform conflict and polarization with practices of engaging with differences as resources.
  • Differentiate from and Distribute the expression of typical roles, perspectives, emotions, leadership assumptions and authority

Additional Outcomes

  • Access holistic intelligence—Mind-Body-Heart-Spirit—establishing mindfulness, presence and heart—a gateway to emergence and creativity
  • Awaken from the paradigm of ‘separateness’. Recognize and differentiate from ‘island of me’ consciousness (competition, silos, lone-rangers) to interconnected ‘voices of the Whole’
  • Gain an awareness of how transformational individual (‘vertical’) leadership development and evolutionary team development occurs in connection—through relationships that generate a field of possibility, love for all beings, justice, and a spiritually-informed world.


Attention will be given to the application of these practices in your own workplace teams or community groups. You will gain an understanding of how to:

  • Form highly collaborative, innovative, inclusive and sustainable groups, teams, organizations and communities.
  • Optimize communication, engagement, collective intelligence and creativity
  • Lead through adaptive and innovative Matrix Leadership Networks™
  • Transform conflict into a multi-perspective group dialogue
  • Create a culture of connection

Who Should Attend

This training is designed for experienced group facilitators, consultants, trainers, managers, teachers and coaches who work in contexts such as organizational development (both internal and external), HR, communication, management, education, health-care, mediation and conflict resolution; and for those who work with personal and leadership development in community-based contexts.

Calling All

  • Culture Changers
  • Transformational Leaders and Educators
  • Complex Systems-Thinkers and Proponents of Self-Organization
  • Social Architects designing a functionally Interconnected World
  • Spiritual Practitioners and Social Activists creating a Culture of Allies
  • Individual and Systems Healers restoring Wholeness and Connection