Gregory Gaiser, CHT

Gregory has been a student and teacher of healing modalities for 40 years. Originally trained in massage therapy, Gregory has always been inspired by conscious, embodied living. He has also maintained an avid interest in the many developments in the field of body psychology, including recent advances in neuroscience. His training in Buddhist meditation is an important influence both as a clinician and as a pastoral counselor. Gregory has taught traditional Hakomi and Resolving Trauma Through the Body classes in the U.S., Europe, Canada, Japan and New Zealand beginning in the early 1990s. He first studied group work, with what would become Matrix Leadership Institute, in 1990 in Boulder, CO.

His true passion is assisting people to live embodied, purposeful and spiritually connected lives. This passion extends into his group work which fosters a sense of vibrant community in all kinds of groups, from families to classrooms to businesses. He currently resides in Austin, Texas.